sobota, 29 sierpnia 2015

looking for wireless laser printer that will work on Linux - Brother HL-1210WE is the way to go

Few years back I was using brother printer (it had LPT cable, yes it was that old), what I did like about it was that there were drivers for Linux.

So when I was searching for small home printer I decided to choose Brother HL-1210WE, and it was the right choice - print via wifi on windows 7 and Linux Debian without any problem.

Setup was not complicated, when I first connected it via usb cable pop up appeared and I clicked look for drivers, selected brother hl-1230 and was ready to print.

Wireless setup was easy as well, I went to System >> Administration >> Printing >> Add Printer >> IPP protocol.
In computer section pasted printers ip address, clicked next and selected appropriate drivers, and was ready to print.

Setup on windows was easy as well I did not have to supply network settings, printer took it from windows (password, ssid, and the rest from DHCP).

After that I decided to reserve ip address on my access point for printer - so it will not change.

So once again brother proved to be right hardware/software supplier for Linux users.