sobota, 19 września 2015

Suse Sles hangs during reboot or during halt

Recently I had a problem while working with SLES - Suse Enterprise Linux.
During reboot it just hanged same thing was going on while shutting down with halt -p.

From the messages appearing on screen I have seen that it has trouble with un mounting nfs shares.

The problem was that Suse was first bringing down network interfaces than trying to umount nfs shares.

I could either spend time trying to fix os (add umount somewhere to pre halt operations) or I could do:
- umount -a (so all resources that are not being used will be unmounted) and then halt -p or reboot
- do reboot -f instead (reboot with force does not care if nfs resources are mounted)

So I have decided not to spend time on fixing SUSE/SLES and do umount or reboot -f.

Overall my experience with SLES/SUSE is that they did really nice installer ... but apart from that things that should work out of the box don`t.

My attemp to fight with Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer sooner or later you will get Carpal tunnel syndrome.
I remember time when I used to laugh at it and say "Keyboard and mouse can not cause any injuries", I guess I was wrong.
After quite a few years working in IT i started feeling pain in my wrists - I could no longer do push ups on palms the only option was to do it on fists. Also I felt pain during normal day to day tasks.

I have decided to something about it.
So I went kayaking for about a week at least 5 hours a day and it cured me for about half a year, but after that time pain came back.

I did some digging in internet and decided to buy two gadgets:
- microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000
- logitech wireless trackball m570

Advantages of ergonomic keyboard are that wrist rest is higher then the rest of the keyboard.
In some reviews I read that quality of that keyboard is poor - I can not say that (i have been using it for few weeks I it does not feel cheap if you know what I mean).
Colleagues at work say that I look funny with it but some of them have already first symptoms of CTS so we shall see who will look funny after surgery.

As to logitech wirelles trackball m570 it is my first day of using is (my wife likes it). I read quite a lot about it and someone suggested in comments that if you are going to buy a trackball because of CTS than buy one controlled with thumb.
Another good thing about that trackball is that you get with it logitech unifying adapter nano, so you can connect multiple Bluetooth devices to it (keyboard, mouse, headphones).

In few months time I will update this post so you will know if it worked.